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Welcome to Marti Appraisal Company LLC Thanks for taking time to visit our website. With over 16 years of experience in the real estate appraisal business. Our experience shows in the overall quality and accuracy of our reports and the service levels we provide to you. 

Call us first for all your residential appraisal needs.(417)-839-1279 or fax (417)-883-2106                Email:  

  • Primary and Secondary Mortgages
  • Mortgage Refinancing
  • FHA and USDA Appraisals
  • Multi-Family Appraisals (up to four units)
  • New Construction Loans
  • Foreclosure Appraisals
  • Review Appraisals
  • Removing PMI (private mortgage insurance)
  • Investment Properties
  • Pre-listing Appraisals
  • Tax Assessment Appraisals
  • A few helpful tips on how to prepare for an Appraisal. Here are just a few suggestions.

    Accessibility:  •Make sure that all areas of the home are accessible, especially to the attic and crawl space areas. •Contain or remove pets from the inspection site during the appraisal process so the appraiser can access the entire property without disturbing your beloved friends.

    FHA Inspection Items: If your applying for a FHA/USDA loan, be sure to ask your appraiser if there are specific things that shoud be done before they come.  Some items they may recommend might be

    •remove any chipped and peeling paint and repaint the effected areas. •provide access to attic and crawl space areas. •make sure all utilities are on and in working order before the appraiser arrives. •point out the location of wells and septics on the property to the appraiser.

    Improvements:  A list of home improvements and upgrades, the dates and costs over the past few years can be helpful. (example: water heaters)

    Homeowners Associations: Information on the homeowners associations fees and covenants and what they cover. Written property agreements, such as maintenance agreements on shared wells or driveways.

    Legal Information: A plat map or survey of the house and land are helpful along with the legal description, parcel number and your most recent tax amounts paid. Also, information on the latest purchase of the property within the last three years.

    Upkeep: As appraisers we see hundreds of homes a year and will look past most clutter, but we are human beings too!  A good impression is always helpful in the appraisal process Inside and Outside.

    Thanks for visting Marti Appraisal Company we look forward to doing business with you in the near future.






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